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El Salvador Trademark Registration and Intellectual Property

El Salvador Trademarks Application, El Salvador Intellectual Property

Gold Service is your best option for Trademark Attorneys in El Salvador and other Central American countries.

The expertise of our team will provide you a high quality service on Intellectual property matters such as: Filing a Trademark Application, copyright infringement, filing an opposition, etc.

Day to day, intellectual property is becoming a more valuable asset to its owners, brand development, its launch and positioning in the market, the innovations, inventions or rights on creations such as literary works, software programs, mobile applications or a song deserve to be protected.  All these efforts must be protected against dishonest use by third parties that have not invested anything and solely wish to profit from other people's work.

It will be a pleasure for Gold Service assisting you to prepare and negotiate trademark, patent, copyright and software license agreements.

What is a trademark?

A trademark is any sign, word or combination of words along with any other graphic means susceptible to clearly distinguish a product, goods or services of the same kind, but from a different manufacturer or provider.

In El Salvador, a trademark certificate has a validity term of 10 years, which can be renewed indefinitely for the same term, as long as the corresponding legal requirements are met.


Fees and expenses for filing a trademark application in El Salvador.
Trademark registration taxes in El Salvador.USD100
Publication in the Official Gazette of El Salvador.USD40
Trademark Search in El Salvador.USD92
Publication in the Local Newspaper.USD43
Power of Attorney legalization and registration.USD45
Communication and courier expenses.USD50
Total Expenses.USD370
Gold Service Registration Fee.USD215
Total Expenses and Fees.USD585
Cost for filing a trademark application for any additional class of the same holder and trademark.USD425


The cost (including all fees and expenses) for some other of our intellectual property services in El Salvador are:


1.Filing of an opposition.USD400
2.Defense against Opposition.USD400
3.Usage License Application.USD350
4Trademark Assignment Application.USD350
5.El Salvador Filing Trademark Renewal Application.USD485
6.Certification of a Trademark Registration in El Salvador.USD170
7.Certification of a Trademark File .USD250
8.El Salvador Trademark Search (Commercial Name, or Slogan).USD92
9.Record Search (per Trademark owner, Commercial Name, or Slogan).USD195
10.Change in the name or Domicile of the Owner of a Trademark.USD330
11.Filing and continuance, up to Final Judgment, of an Annulment Trial of a Trademark Registration.USDfrom 1,200
12.El Salvador Copyright application.USD385
13.El Salvador Patent Registration.USDfrom 600
14.Utility Model Registration.USD585
15.Industrial Design Registration.USD585
16.Search of Active Principle of Patents.USDfrom 275
17.Registration of

Who can request trademarks or other signs?

All natural or legal persons.


It is the recognition granted in favor of the creator of the artistic and literary works by means of which protection is granted to the author so he may have the exclusive property rights pertaining to a moral and patrimonial character.

Related Rights:

It is the recognition that is granted in favor of the artists, interpreters and executors, producers of phonograms and broadcasting organizations.