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El Salvador Due Diligence

El Salvador Due Diligences, Due Diligence in El Salvador

Gold Service make professional actions having interest at the foreign companies interested to buy or have a fussion with salvadorean companies, having the less risk, beacuse We will take the work to check the legal, laboral and tax situation, with the goal of contribute to the decision. For that reason We investigate the important past, present and coming future of the companie.

The “due diligence” permit  to us  to check the companie  going, check theirs assets and liabilities, know their legal aspects like contracts and rules, compliance of the legislation  at day,  trademark registred and  intangible assets. Value the risk of the business, actual Trials and potential and check  the existence of Hidden liabilities, reals or potentials.

Product of the work, we make a inform with coments and remarks having this basis for negotiating the final agreement on issues such as potential risks contingent clauses guarantees, etc.