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* Data updated in june 2019

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)USD 26.057 Thousands of Millons (2018)
GDP per capitaUSD 3,511.36. (2018)
GDP growth2.37%
Inflation0.53%. (P. I 2019.)
Local currency US Dolar
Labour force2,814,276 Millons. (P II 2018)


Public debt in terms of GDP72.82% GDP (P II 2018)

Public Debt

USD 19,240.77 Millons  (P may 2019)
Debt – externalUSD 8,810.52 Millons (P may 2019)
ExportsUSD 3,033.9 Millons (P june 2019)
ImportsUSD 5,975.7 Millons (P june 2019)
Reserves of foreign exchangeUSD 3,757.00 Millons. (P junio 2019)

Other Relevant Indicators:

Industrial production3.30% (P april 2019)
Competitiveness Index52.82 Points (P II 2018)
Ease of Doing Business85.00 Points (P II 2018)


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